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UdeM's Master's Program in Communication is based on the research processes the School of Communication of Universidad de Medellin has carried out in over 15 years of history. Likewise, it has the support of five research groups acknowledged by Colciencias (The Colombian Department of Science, Technology and Innovation): Communication, Organization and Politics COP; E-virtual; Greco, Eca and Holographic, which are ranked from maximum category A1 to starting categories.

Research Fields:

Mediation and Communicational Processes

The concept of Mediation is adopted as a binding axis of the research work of the three undergraduate programs of the School of Communication and of the Master's Program in Communication.

Research Lines:

Public Relations

This research line collects the research work of the School of Communication in matters concerning political, private and public affairs from a strategic perspective.

Communication and sociocultural processes

Research works are collected in this research line and among them, the ones with most research recognition and background that have been produced in the School, that relate with the intersection between the discipline of communication and sociocultural processes.

Cultural Creative Industries

Cultural industries are recognized as the production of aesthetic and cultural contents inserted in the order of a communication system mass media has created and in the concept of creative industries. It arose from the union of creativity, culture and economy. Therefore, this line gathers researches conducted concerning consumption, audiovisual communication, content production and advertising communication, among others.

Virtual Environments

Starting from the premise that says that in virtual environments, users always feel part of a world generated by an informatics devise and establishes communication with other users like them or with artificial users that only inhabit a virtual world; this line gathers researches concerning convergence and digital culture, and digital narrative and the web for a knowledge society.