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The Academic Community's easy controlled access to Universidad de Medellin Campus is permanently monitored by Universidad de Medellin Administration.

Therefore, after adapting the gates and the new College ID, UdeM intends to take advantage of technology to upgrade identification and security procedures on campus. It will also make it much easier for UdeM's frequent users to enter and exit campus.

The new technology used on the ID card allows an automatic activation of the turnstiles and gates that permit pedestrians, vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles to enter UdeM premises. Furthermore, it enables the digital storing of a carrier's information to facilitate, later on, the incorporation of new services.

Via this portal, it will be possible to learn access-control-related information and procedures, including issuing and assigning ID cards, collecting parking fees and regulating Rush Hour Restrictions on campus among others.

The cooperation and participation of each of the members of UdeM Community is important, which is achieved acquiring the culture using an ID and respect for procedures and access control departments.