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Within the framework of a policy that motivates research and incentivizes research production, a series of stimuli and recognitions have been defined for professors and students.

• Stimuli for professors:

Agreement 50 of 2012 regulates the "granting of recognitions for professors within the framework of stimuli for academic activities and research".

On the other hand, there are in-house awards as yearly grants within the framework of Research Events or Creativity Fairs. A person is granted the "Luis López de Mesa" award; a research is granted the "Best Research Project" award and groups the "Best Research Group". Furthermore, UdeM simulates and promotes a researcher's spirit via total or partial funding for top level training (master's and doctorates), for panel presentations in events and for undertaking internships in research abroad.

• Stimuli for students:

Through the development of this strategy, UdeM grants recognition to students part-taking in formative research. Students, motivated by their comprehensive training, participate voluntarily and for free in research work. Their efforts are recognized through the "Luis López de Mesa" award, "Best Research Project" award, a "Student Research Merit" award, official certifications, chancellor's resolutions with a copy to their resumes, public recognition in yearly closing events of Research Events, Creativity Fairs and cycles of research initiatives.