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It constructs spaces to guarantee social disclosure and appropriation of knowledge through various events and programs.

Research Events: They are biannual events which has evolved in 10 versions in an entirely internal environment of local, national and international spheres.

Creativity Fairs: they are spaces that have become part of UdeM since 2002 to publically recognize and validate students' products and those produced by the Research Initiative, to share students' creative works with the community and foster reflexive life experiences of creativity and innovation as generators of research culture at Universidad de Medellin. Seven versions have been held.

Researcher Forums: this is space open to students and faculty members to disclose finished or ongoing research works. In students' cases as research students, master candidates – co-researchers or doctorate candidates, they participate in institutional Forums and who account for partial and final products of their internship projects.

Labyrinths: It is a TV series to disclose the results of ongoing researches at Universidad de Medellin.

Palindromes: - right way and inside out, research projects with a sense, a documentary series that express the essence of our finished research projects through image and sound.

Investijium: It is a scientific disclosure series held which is funded by the National Television Commission and which spoke about 20 research (projects throughout the Colombian territory, among others, bearing in mind topics as: high wetlands (in Spanish, paramos), aborigine languages, robotics, plastics, fishing in the Caribbean Sea, alternative constructions, forests, etc.