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The Integral Center of Advisory and Consultancy Services (CIAC) as a unit ascribed to the Vice-presidency of Extension intends to articulate the University with the business market and with the public governmental institutions.

For this purpose, the students, professors and alumni are called to participate in the diagnosis, preparation and execution of consultancy projects in all the areas of specific knowledge existing in the Universidad de Medellín, by generating new fields of action which will complement their professional experience in the public and private sectors; through:

• The use of own internal and external methodologies for the integration and interaction of the Advisory and Consultancy Integral Center with the external national and international world.

• Its positioning as a strategic Business Unit of the Extension Vice-Presidency.

• The establishment and consolidation of research programs and areas.

• The establishment of strategic alliances between public and private national institutions and of international cooperation in training in better practices of advisory and consultancy models.

• The active participation in national and international forums, congresses and symposiums.

• A new and integral advice and consultancy system where the process agents will turn knowledge (education, research and development) into measurable and capitalizable asset to assure its permanence, growth and competitiveness.