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Next to the university campus located in Belén Los Alpes, a gift granted by the University to all graduate students can be found as an expression of gratitude and affection, and it is the Graduate Club House. It offers graduate students the possibility of returning to the University as a warm academic, social and familiar encounter.

This construction has as its main characteristic the architectonic unity in comparison with the buildings in the university campus.

The Graduate Club House is a social site with an extension of 7,000 square meters in which several services can be found, such as, swimming pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, restaurant, bar, gym, billiards and pool room , table tennis, conference room for 200 people, 65 parking spaces, terrace and other complementary areas.

Who can be a member of the Graduate Club House?

Any University of Medellín graduate student who wants to register as a member altogether with his or her family group.