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The university research system is guided on the logic of knowledge management and strengthens the advance the its policy as part of a national and regional Science, Technology and Innovation System (CT+I). It also adopts from each one of its academic niches research fields to establish a pertinent agenda prioritization in strategic development fields.

This substantive role is conceived starting from the ruling guidelines of Universidad de Medellin's education project or PEI (in Spanish Proyecto Educativo Institucional) and its development plan in a sector called "Towards Science Technology and Innovation" and from UdeM's quality policies. It is deemed as one of items in the university's mission which is developed via three processes. The first process is Scientific Research focused towards the production, appropriation and disclosure of knowledge to resolve problems that have academic, technological, social and environmental effects. The second process is Academic Formation for research which aims to strengthen student-faculty member capabilities in matters concerning research and to affect teaching by linking scientific research results to training plans, in accordance with the University's curricular renovation. The third is innovation and transference of knowledge which appeared with the purpose of strengthening relations as University – Industry – State – Society.