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Starting from the COLCIENCIAS's approval, a "Research group " is defined as a "set of people working together to conduct research in a given topic who formulate one or several problems they are interested in and produce knowledge related to that given matter ".

Internal Trawl:

UdeM holds periodic offerings for the internal ranking of groups in their own categories: rising, promissory and advanced, mediated by meetings, and discussions to agree on an agenda and an action plan and professional assistance to record information in applications as Colciencias CvLAC and Colciencias GrupLAC and their self-assessment.

Link: Resultsof internal trawl for groups 

Colciencias Summonses:

Universidad de Medellin has as part of its research policy "Colciencias' approval" and it has decisively participated in Group Summons giving faith to the real "life and existence of Research Groups ".

Link: research group banc in Colciencias (Colciencias web page)