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Always have with your ID with you to enter or exit to avoid inconveniences.

Apart from students, all other users must wear their IDs in a visible place.

Students, professors, employees, lecturers, guest speakers, and contractors must always have active encoded IDs to be allowed to drive into UdeM campus in a car or to ride in on a motorcycle.

While IDs are processed or issued, all users without an active ID or an encoded ID must enter campus registering themselves as VISITORS (pedestrian gates 2 and 4).

Parking for UdeM vehicles shall be available depending on installed space.

Drivers may exit campus at the most 20 minutes after driving on campus in case there are no spaces, so they may avoid paying parking.

UdeM Visitor's Parking Lot (located in front of Gate 4) is only for visitors, alumni and retirees.
When drivers enter campus, the card reader shall give them the balance on the ID, and when they exit, the daily parking fee shall be charged to the ID. Please, only park lawfully using the parking spaces without blocking pedestrian zones or no-parking zones, and specially zones used only as UDEM landscapes.

Respect handicapped parking zones specially marked with the international sign for challenged-people's vehicle parking. Please, show civility.

Please, park exclusively in the spaces specially marked for parking. In case you do not do this your access to campus in your car or motorcycle shall be restricted.

Drive at the maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour while on campus; this also includes motorcycles.

Respect duly marked pedestrian crosswalks on campus roads; crossings are painted so that pedestrians may walk along them. It is fundamental to remember that there are more students on campus than automobiles and motorcycles.

Obey the direction of campus roads; driving the wrong way is a risk and causes accidents.