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Visitors and guests must show their personal ID card and leave another ID document to receive a visitor's ID. Once the visit has ended they must return the visitor's ID to get the ID they left. If a visitor arrives in a car or a motorcycle, that visitor may park in the visitor's parking lot located in front of Gate 4 and enter campus at the same gate via the pedestrian gate.

They may enter or exit via any of the following gates: 
Type of Access  Gate Number and Name   Address   Activated to
Pedestrian    2 Law School/Derecho on Carrera 87 and Calle 30A    Enter and Exit
  4 Administration  Calle 31C and Carrera 87B   Enter and Exit
Motorcycles and Bicycles In front of  Gate 4  Calle 31C and Carrera 87B   Enter and Exit
Remember that parking spaces are limited, so cars and motorcycles may only enter until it is full.
As of February 24, People will pay parking fees at UdeM parking lots. See rates