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Courses and Levels

The Language Center provides support to the academic undergraduate and graduate programs, and also provides practical and sequential programs to the external community through specialized levels which integrate the four language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) emphasizing the oral communicative competence.

The Language Center has excellent professionals in the teaching of foreign languages, which allows us to provide a high quality service. The staff is made up of American, Canadian, British, and graduate teachers. The programs are guided by the Common European Framework of Language Reference. Our programs are accredited by the State Board of Education of Medellin by means of Resolution number 08777 of July 6, 2010.

Description of Levels and Competences.  

Level A1 (Basic) 2 courses of 45 hours each.

Competences - Students will be able to:                          

Communicate and exchange information in a very simple way. Understand and use simple phrases. Request and give basic usual information. Exchange very basic information with other people. Write simple phrases and sentences. Understand short and simple information. Read and understand simple and short texts. Ask and answer questions at an elementary level. Deal with numbers, quantities, prices and timetables. Make short statements and affirmations. Have a very basic repertoire of common expressions. Be able to handle brief statements.

Level A2 (Low Intermediate) 3 courses of 40 hours each.

Competences - Students will be able to:                          

Develop ability to deal with simple and clear information, and begin to express themselves in everyday life contexts. Exchange simple ideas, describe and provide information on simple daily life situations. Write down notes and short messages. Participate in short social exchanges. Read short texts. Get the main idea of brief messages on daily life issues. Make themselves understood with simple expressions. Write in a basic manner on issues related to the environment. Understand basic instructions. Deal with simple common exchanges. Ask and answer questions relating to the environment. Make themselves understood in brief exchanges.

Level B1 (High Intermediate) 5 courses of 40 hours each.

Competences - Students will be able to:                          

Express themselves in everyday situations although with some limitations. Deal with general common information. Write simple and coherent texts on subjects that are familiar to them. Begin, maintain and improvise conversations on everyday topics that are familiar to them. Provide specific information in an interview. Give their opinion on a particular issue. Make short descriptions on a variety of interesting topics. Write short essays and reports on subjects of their interest. Understand technical basic information. Understand a good amount of audio material with clear and standard pronunciation. Read and get the main idea of specific texts on topics of their personal interest. Take part in formal and informal discussions on subjects that are well known to them.

Level B2 (Advanced) 5 courses of 40 hours each.
Competences - Students will be able to:

Express themselves in a variety of topics. Understand the main ideas of specific and abstract texts. Write in detail about various topics. Make clear descriptions and express their point of view on general topics. Take part in debates or argumentations. Understand what is being said in standard language level. Write summaries and essays on various topics. Understand the main idea of conferences, lectures and reports even with a certain degree of complexity. Understand the majority of documentaries, news, programs, etc. , spoken and pronounced in standard language. Read with a high degree of independence. Communicate spontaneously on a variety of general topics. Make oral exchanges with native speakers. Express their ideas and opinions with precision. Take initiative in an interview and develop their ideas.

Advanced Courses: (B2)

Advanced 1: Advanced Listening 

Advanced 2: Advanced Grammar 

Advanced 3: Advanced Reading 

Advanced 4: Conversation Skills 

Advanced 5: International Tests.


Program for children between 9 and 12 years on Saturdays from 8:00 to 12:00 p.m.


In agreement with “Alianza Colombo Francesa.”


In agreement with “Instituto Cultural Austriaco.”


Levels: A1, A2,B1,B2.


Basic course: levels A1 and A2.